Life at Sea

It takes a special type of person to work on a ship for a living. At times there is extremely limited communication with family and friends, access to land can be restricted or at times nonexistent. On top of all that you also have job to do, of which ensures the safety of all those on board the vessel, regardless of the position that you hold on board the vessel

While these may seem like huge negatives, they can be actually quite the opposite. Having limited communication frees you from time wasting activities you may have spent time in the past (aimless internet browsing and Facebook I’m looking at you.), and this does give you the opportunity to focus on things that may be more beneficial to your own self-development. I personally can’t wait to spend more time with my face firmly planted in a book with the occasional jaunt to the gym to keep in shape. These are things that I always seem to brush off in lieu of something less productive when my own feet are firmly planted on land.

Being away from friends and family can be a real downside, but the crew on board your vessel are all in the same boat (haha), they become an extended family. And just like family emotional ups and downs occur. But once you’re accepted in you become a part of a very special group of individuals.

The exciting part about working on a ship is the work itself that is being done. As a member of the Coast Guard you are providing an invaluable service to the people of Canada. For me, as an engineer, I can’t wait to get into the machinery to see how it works and how I can maintain it. Thus continuing to provide safety for the crew and services to Canadians. Plus it always keeps me on my toes and my mind active. No two ships run exactly the same!

This will be the second (and final) seaphase that I will be placed on before my graduation from the Canadian Coast Guard College next June. It is finally an opportunity to show and use the knowledge that I have gained over the last three years of school. It is going to be so thrilling to finally see all that hard work pay off!


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