The Canadian Coast Guard Ship the Martha L. Black is a multipurpose/buoy tender working out of Quebec Region. Her main task is that of deploying, servicing, moving and removing buoys. This is done by the use of her heavy lift boom. This has a maximum capacity of 20 tons. This is the equivalent of three elephants, for those people out there who need a more visual representation of mass like I do.

While the Martha L. Black is normally located in and around the St. Lawrence she is currently located on Lake Superior conducting icebreaking operations. This is another task that she is regularly engaged in, especially this time of year.

She was constructed in 1986 with a major overhaul occurring several years ago. This allows her to maintain operations and have a longer life expectancy.

She is a Diesel-Electric DC with 4 Fairbanks Morse 8 cylinder Engines. On my first seaphase I was lucky enough to be on the CCGS Hudson which was 90m in length, the Martha Black in comparison is approximately 83m in length. Needless to say she is a large vessel. My only hope is that I minimize the amount of times I get lost in the first few days!


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