Same Ship, Different Ship

It is funny how every ship is the same yet different. They all have a galley, bridge, lounge, washroom, and your own personal living space. However, every time I’ve walked on to a vessel of relatively the same size everything always seems to be in a different spot from where it was previously or where it was expected to be.

Yet the characteristics of the ship are still relatively the same. Each cabin has a curtain for privacy, port holes give you the same view of vast expanses of water, the interior decorations even seem to be similar.

In reality, to those who don’t spend a lot of time on a vessel the layout is always going to be a bit confusing. But for me, especially in the first few days, zoning out results in me getting completely turned around from where I thought I was going. One second I’m walking down the corridor on the Black, and next, after thinking about something I need to do, I believe I’m walking down one of the corridors of the Hudson. Needless to say when I don’t arrive at where I was expecting it has a pretty amusing result, especially for those who watch me walk back and fourth down a corridor for five minutes.

This certainly leads me to believe that ships though similar in many respects all have their own personality. Kinda like us regular folk. We all may look generic until someone takes the time to look at the finer details, and stop doing laps outside the doors of which the contents have been assumed.

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