Ship Shape

There is one thing on ship that is a lot different than when on land. Trying to workout on board is not something that is particularly easy to do. The Martha L. Black has one of the smallest gyms I’ve seen on a ship. It was originally a crews quarters that was redesigned to put stationary bikes and a running machine into. It isn’t something that can really be held against the Black. When the ship was originally designed I’m sure that putting in a gym wasn’t a huge priority.

So working out is an exercise in creativity. If no one else is using the room it isn’t a problem to go in and get some cardio done, but more than two people and it is just a bit too crowded. Lucky for me the helicopter crew is now gone and it is getting pretty nice outside so I’ll have the ability to exercise on the empty helicopter deck. Even then it isn’t like you can do the same type of cardio on a helicopter landing pads as on land. The exercises have to be more of a circuit, that way both the cardio and strength components of a workout are targeted.

Today I had a pretty amusing experience. I was running on the treadmill probably 15 minutes in when the ship stopped to remove a buoy from the water. Not a big deal except for the fact the the ship listed to one side and stayed there. Unfortunately this caused my moderately inclined treadmill to become a lot more inclined. I didn’t want to mess with the machine too much (it is all in french, I haven’t completely figured it out yet) so I just had to power through it. I then spent the next ten minutes praying that the ship would be finished on the buoy so I wouldn’t have to give up on my run. Thankfully it didn’t take much longer for the ship to even out.

But that is what makes working out on ship unique, and something you always have to be wary of. It is very important to not put yourself in any type of position where a list could place you physically in danger. This is true of any situation on ship, and I think especially true when working in the engine room.

On the upside I’m pretty sure it helps me use my core muscles more, so maybe August I’ll be able to see that 4 pack I know is hidden there somewhere. I guess that also means I’ll have to stop having crème brûlée and brie as late night snacks. The struggle is very real guys.


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