That Week I Cooked Some Things

A very interesting part of an officers cadets’ seaphase is the time spent in cross-training. This means as an engineering cadet I get to spend time with both the navigation and logistics department. It provides a (sometimes needed) break from the daily routine we go through and it provides an awesome opportunity to see how the other departments work

I just finished up my week with the logistic department and I had a blast! Anyone who knows me knows that I like things to be organized and I can’t even describe how beautifully organized this ship is. You can follow the “money trail” (I’ve been watching a bit much of The Wire lately), because there are spreadsheets designed for everything! Same with the central stores, if I ever needed to find a machinery part it wouldn’t take long at all.

A short description of what happens in this department. The logistics officer is mainly responsible for any purchasing that is done for the vessel, as well as any arrangements made for crew changes. They make sure there is the correct amount of food on board and adequate machine parts, etc. There is also a storekeeper who is responsible for managing the machine parts and food once it is on board the vessel. Obviously there is a lot more work than this, but this is just a brief overview.

Another fun part of my week was that I got to spend time in the kitchen. Let me tell you, working in a kitchen that feeds 25 people on a daily basis is really hard work! Meals have to be planned in advance. I peeled a lot of potatoes, and buttered a lot of garlic bread, but on the upside I manged not to cut myself! The people who worked in the kitchen are so sweet and didn’t give me a hard time for not knowing what a “knife” is in french (it is a “couteau” by the way).

All in all it was a great week and I’m glad I had the opportunity to learn new things. It really made me want to learn how to cook and try different food I never would have thought of trying before.


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