Sweet Glorious Sunlight!

It has been a busy few weeks! The Martha L. Black spent two weeks up north where there was very limited internet service. It was hard to do any updates because the service was so slow!

In that time I had some very interesting experiences. After I finished my week of logistics crosstraining I promptly moved on to the deck to do my two weeks of bridge crosstraining.

The week that I spent on deck was awesome. At first it was pretty scary, lifting bouys, chains, and anchors around is very dangerous work. You always have to be aware of what is going on around you, and most importantly what is being lifted by the crane. First rule of working on deck is to never, ever stand under the crane while it is in the process of lifting something. Not a problem for me as I stayed as far away from the thing as I possibly could. There was no way I was getting squished. The really awesome part of working on deck was that I got to sunlight and breathe fresh air! So much different from the engine room! Needless to say I manged to get burnt on my first day, as I wasn’t quite used to seeing all the bright light. It was also pretty exhausting and I slept well all that week.

The thing about working on deck is that the work needs to get done rain or shine, in rough seas or calm ones. The majority of the time was pretty nice weather so I got pretty lucky, but we still did end up with a rainy, cold day. Proper jackets and rain gear make all the difference in that situation!

It was pretty dangerous work but once I understood what was happening it was a lot easier to know where to stand and how to help out without putting myself in a dangerous situation. It was also a great time to work on my french as there was a lot of talking going on with the deck crew. I had a great time and really appreciate how awesome the guys on deck were. They were super fun to work with and made sure I stayed safe. I think maybe if I didn’t end up in engineering this might have been my second choice.

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