My Merry-go-round of Ships

Since graduating in June I’ve had the pleasure of being on multiple vessels.

Being on various vessels of shapes, sizes and crews, has provided me with a lot of insight, and a lot of information in a very short period of time.

Each ship has their own specific way of doing things. In general, the procedures are the same but there are little quirks everywhere. As soon as I got a system relatively down pat in one place, I would then go to a different ship next month and repeat the learning process.

At first I found this extremely frustrating. Relearning every ship, meeting new people every shift, figuring out how each crew worked. But then I realized just how good of an opportunity this was. Instead of learning just one ship, I got to understand multiple ships and systems. I got to work on a vessel with a gearbox, a mythical device I had only previously seen in my studies.

It also gave me the opportunity to see how one job can be done several different ways. From this I was able to piece together what I believe is the safest and most efficient way of completing specific tasks.

Most importantly the more people I was able to work with the more tips, tricks and information I was able to pick up. Some of this information came from decades of other people working in the field. Other than getting an opportunity to do hands on work, this is by far the best way I have learned new information on ship.

There is a wealth of knowledge out there in the world, but much of it resides in other peoples heads. By discussing ideas, tasks and experiences with new people it is an amazing way to further one’s own knowledge about a variety of things in life, and not to mention, learn how to work safe and have fun at the same time.


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