Right for me

Every month that I’ve been off since graduation has been absolutely fantastic. I’ve been teaching myself how to cook, worked on finding myself some hobbies, and went on a much needed and well deserved vacation. However, as the end  of my time off rolls around I get nervous and think about how much I don’t want to go back to work. I assume that this is a reasonable feeling to have. Who really wants to go back to work after vacation, especially when your work takes you away from home for a month at a time? Especially when this is something you have to go through every two months without fail.

Yet, when I actually get all of my things packed up at home and get onto the ship I feel okay. I see coworkers I haven’t seen for a whole month that I am happy to see, and hear stories of their month off. It gives me an opportunity to work on my storytelling ability (it still sucks), and meet the inevitable new people that are new this trip. It also allows me to get back into a routine and feel like I have accomplished something everyday.

The most important aspect of all this is that I know I picked the right job. That when I get to work I am happy. Of course there are moments for everyone where things don’t go right and bad days happen, but to be able to step on board, smile, and think to yourself “Alright I’m ready to do this” tells me I’m exactly where I should be right now.


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