Bonus Lessons

There are many things I learned in school but I feel like a few important details were left out.

For example, the amount of times I have had to contort my body into an ungodly position to try and fix or put something in place is higher than I ever would have expected in 8 months.

It is awesome when you understand how to put something together and take it apart, but it never that simple. In reality, you often have to do it not being able to see what you’re working on, so usually it is just easier to keep your eyes closed.

No matter what they teach in school there is no way every scenario can be covered. This counts for crazy fire and explosion situations to some of the mundane things that could happen at any time.

When icebreaking a lot of things that were simple can become a whole lot harder. Ice changes everything.

No matter how good or how bad of a trip you’re having it only ever lasts 28 days. There is always light at the end of the tunnel.


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