Fire and Boat Drills

Fire and boat drills, what are they? Remember when you were a kid and you used to have fire drills in school? Everyone would make for the exits and stand in a field while their teacher took attendance. I remember these drills because I would always panic and I think that I was in the … Continue reading Fire and Boat Drills


Home Life Still Goes On

So it has been just about a year since I became a full time sailor. I've been very lucky during that time, I've gotten to experience working on several different vessels, with a whole variety of different people, doing all kinds of different things. This is the first trip I've been on that something is … Continue reading Home Life Still Goes On

Watchkeeping 101

As 3rd engineer the majority of my time is spent watchkeeping. Watchkeeping, depending on your personality, can be the most interesting or most boring job you have in your career. Some people enjoy it as the routine is set and the expectations of the position are clear. Some people hate it because the routine is … Continue reading Watchkeeping 101