Drinking Sea Water? Sure, Why Not.

Typically the ships that I get to sail on are never too far away from shore and a place to tie up. This means quite often it easy for us to restock on fuel, food, water, and other supplies. But there are also trips, or situations, were we go through a lot of our potable … Continue reading Drinking Sea Water? Sure, Why Not.

Those Scary Steam Things

As a third engineer in the outfit that I work for, the boilers that we use for steam heat in the colder months are my responsibility. Throughout my two seaphases and several trips after graduation I had never once worked on a boiler. The ships I had been on for seaphase either didn't use a … Continue reading Those Scary Steam Things

My Merry-go-round of Ships

Since graduating in June I've had the pleasure of being on multiple vessels. Being on various vessels of shapes, sizes and crews, has provided me with a lot of insight, and a lot of information in a very short period of time. Each ship has their own specific way of doing things. In general, the … Continue reading My Merry-go-round of Ships